Question about automating cropping process

(Chintan Gohel) #21

I trie this code: montage *.jpg -tile 2x -background white -geometry +2+2 result.jpg

It results in one big file that has all the images in it- and there’s a gap between pairs

If I try with one pair of photos only, the gap is still there between the 2 photos and the new file size is much smaller than the original file. Original files are 450kB each but resulting file is 198kB

Don’t know what to do now - and I have 800 pairs of photo to join

I’m going to post this afresh as it’s own question

How to combine pairs of images to single images?
(Chintan Gohel) #22

Hey, so I finally got to try out your code for the progressive crop.

I’ve run into these errors and I was hoping you could help me out? If it isn’t too much trouble

Thank you

")syntax error: invalid arithmetic operator (error token is “
”)syntax error: invalid arithmetic operator (error token is "
./rt.txt: line 17: syntax error near unexpected token $'do\r'' '/rt.txt: line 17:for f in “${files[@]}”;do

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  1. Don’t quote whole posts, what’s the point.
  2. It looks like the text editor you used did something “smart” like replacing the programmer’s quotes "x" with curly quotes “x”
  3. It’s bad practice to store executable scripts with a .txt extension.

(Chintan Gohel) #24

I’m using notepad and it saves as a txt file by default - however, I was able to remove the txt extension but I’m getting the same errors

So it comes down to using a different editor - I’m installing notepad++

Edit - the same errors happened with notepad++