Question about darktable opening tiff RTv4_REC2020


When opening a REC2020 tiff exported by Rawtherapee, the colors are paler than they show in RT,
If I switch input color profile from the default sRGB to embedded ICC profile, they look as in RT.
Is this by design?
Also, if I switch the input color profile to linear REC2020 the image gets very bright.
I would just like to confirm that embedded ICC profile is the way to go in this case.

RT (neutral -> capture sharpen -> output color profile RTv4_REC2020 -> export 32-bit TIFF)

DT after importing

DT (input color profile -> embedded ICC profile)

I guess this is because most images without embedded icc are actually srgb.

Probably because the default rec2020 output profile in RT isn’t linear but it has srgb trc

Sorry, @age, I’m not sure I followed you.
Are you saying that, in fact, the correct way to open in darktable a linear REC2020 TIFF is by changing input color profile to embedded icc profile?

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