Question about RawTherapee shortcuts to switch tools


Excuse me the next stupid question about Rawtherapee shortcuts, but seems I can’t find:
How to navigate between tools inside of “Exposure”, or “Color”?

For example, how to jump from “Tone Mapping” to “Vignette Filter” and after that back to “Shadows/Highlights”. And the same for all other tools.
Here Keyboard Shortcuts - RawPedia I found how to switch tabs (from “Exposure” to “Color for example”), but not tools inside of tabs.

Thank you in advance!

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Those shortcuts switch between Tabs, not modules. Also: the Local tab does not have a shortcut for as far as I can tell.

You are not able to create your own shortcuts. But…

You can create a Favourites Tab, which would place the modules you chose into one tab. At the moment (stable 5.9 or earlier) it is a bit cumbersome to set up and modules that are favoured are moved instead of copied to the created Favourites Tab

This behaviour will change when RawTherapee 5.10 arrives. This PR: #6383 - Favorites preferences, will much improve this functionality. It is already part of the development version. I’ve been using it for a long time now and it works nicely.

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Hello Jacques,
Thank you for your answer!

I know about Favourites Tab and use it.

But, regarding shortcuts - the idea of any shortcuts is to use shortcuts instead of mouse. If after switching to tab it is necessary to take a mouse to choose the module - it’s destroy the idea of shortcuts use, nobody will use it (because in this case easy just to use mouse than drop it, go to keyboard, and than - back to mouse and than - again to keyboard). So it looks like the idea (of shortcuts) is half done.

To make it useful it is necessary to add switching between modules and also move the image with arrows, all other looks great! Of course use of shortcuts significantly speed up the the work process and useful shortcut system might be an additional feature of Rawtherapee in compare with other software.

Do you know if it is possible to ask developers to add that shortcuts to the new release? Something to jump to the next tool inside the tab, like “Ctrl + f” to move forward and “Ctrl + b” to move backward, and “Ctrl + (up, down, left, right)” to move scaled up image. It doesn’t look so difficult but add a lot for usability.

I would really appreciate if you let me know how to ask developers to add this feature.
Thank you in advance.

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But, regarding shortcuts - the idea of any shortcuts is to use shortcuts instead of mouse.

Instead?; Is that so… I see shortcuts as complementary to or, when only using ctrl or shift, a function of the mouse. Both mouse and keyboard work together.

because in this case easy just to use mouse than drop it, go to keyboard, and than - back to mouse and than - again to keyboard

No: Left hand for the keyboard and right hand for the mouse and that is assuming one has 2 hands and right-handedness. Also: Some of the mouse actions only work when using it in combination with the ctrl or shift key.

But I do see the point you are making in general. Asking for specific shortcuts that are not present or maybe even a more general setup that makes it possible to create your own.

This would be a Feature Request, which you have to make on RawTherapee’s GitHub page (select: New issue → Feature request / enhancements).

Thank you, Jacques!

Probably I was little bit too straightforward (of course various people use it in various ways).
However, I really think, that if I use mouse to choose tools - I can easily use the same mouse to switch tabs, so I don’t need to use shortcuts for that.

:grinning: And see only 2 situations when shortcuts really need:

  • to do all job from the keyboard - because it faster,
  • or if use Rawtherapee from the laptop during travel, when you don’t have mouse, so again it will be faster than try to use touch-pad

So, I’ve created the feature request: shortcuts to switch tools · Issue #6716 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Thank you for help!