Question about Resize in RawTherapee

If I resize an image, it shows up in the History window but if I later come back to that image the resize step is no longer there. How do I make it stick?

The problem is when I apply a (usually bounding box) resize to one image and then attempt to apply it to a group of other images using copy/paste-partial of Processing Profile Operations it doesn’t seem to work as the step is no longer part of the original image’s processing.

Can someone outline the exact steps needed to resize an image and apply the same resize to a group of other images? (I think RT doesn’t actually resize the raw image, just what gets output from the Queue, which is okay, but the result of that output doesn’t always seem to have the desired resizing).

Thank you. and then the section on Bounding box should be what you’re looking for.
Unless you mean you also want to copy over a specific cropping. But even then, setting a crop in one image and copying the process parameters to another, should result in the same crop being applied.

It would me helpful if you could show where things go wrong for you. Perhaps with screenshots, but even better with two raw files and their corresponding pp3 files (one made by you and the other made by copying the parameters, like you want to do).

The history as such is not saved. May be it will be in an upcoming version.

I don’t usually resize in RT, but a nice feature would be something like “Resize on Export”, which I believe can happen in some other RAW editors named after an earthen building material.

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Are you saying the Resize history step itself is not saved or just that it’s not displayed in the History window?

Somehow now the last couple of batch resizing I’ve tried appear to work as expected so I’m not sure what the issue was before.

@pixelman The entire editing history is forgotten once you switch to another image. Only the value of the parameters at the end of your edit are saved as a pp3 sidecar file.

If you found the batch resize options and they work for you, then well done and keep doing that :+1:

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No history is saved today, just the overall result of the sum of all changes is saved … in the PP3 file

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The quality of the resizing in RT is great! and being able to do it in batch also rocks. I do recommend you check it out. The clarity of images when selecting the “post resize sharpening” is crazy good :smiley:

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