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The tool that I use the most is highlight compression does it still exist in the program in these new versions?
are having a hard time finding

hello my name is luan, just wanted to give a suggestion in the quick access panel you can put all these functions here highlight compression, brightness, shadows and highlights



Yes, it is still there, but, you need to find an edit that already has this module applied and make a preset with it. Then apply that preset to your image and you can use the module.

However, the new modules are much more flexible and provide better results, I’d suggest you put abit of time into learning them.

I spent a day digging through the software and searching the internet, so far I haven’t found any tool that delivers as good a result as highlight compression

Filmic RGB’s white relative exposure slider does much better, as do several presets in Tone Equalizer

the problem is that when I change the highlights the Tone Equalizer also changes other tones that I didn’t want, then I have to use a mask, Filmic RGB’s is adding unwanted contrast, I have to study it more! the fact is that there is a replacement for this tool, but all I’ve found so far are no match for highlight compression in terms of practicality, why take such a good tool?
thank you very much for your attention

The tool only produces acceptable results when used with a light touch. Pushing the sliders far results in terrible haloing and other artifacts, which is why it’s been demoted.

with me it always worked well, I used it a lot to correct other effects, for example: when I increased the exposure, it was very useful

Try the highlights in the color balance rgb…second tab …also use the white fulcrum and grey auto pickers in the third tab and you can mask the ranges that define shadows mid and highlights…I think this will be as good as highlight compression…also the Tone eq is good but you need to adjust the mask/DNR if highlights are your priority slide the histogram to cover mostly that range rather than the entire range of the image…there are lots of tweak…Also have you seen the recent video @s7habo did on recovering highlights using a variety of methods…I will have to dig up the link for you if you have not…

EDIT Latest video here but also the last 10 or so…in fact they are all fantastic if you wish to really know DT…

Why don’t you post a photo that you processed to your liking with the old module, and see if we can match it with a simple edit using the new tools? If you do post it, you could post it here (please include a permissive licence), or post in the PlayRaw category ( Please post your processed result and XMP sidecar as well.

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I prepared a very good file to demonstrate then this message appears

What raw over 100MB?

For example pixelshift files. The largest I have is > 300MB

More and more cameras produce 100+ Mb RAWs:

  • Fuji GFX 50,
  • Fuji GFX 100,
  • Hasselblad X1D (not seen that one in the wild though),
  • Sony Alpha 7R IV

And these are just the ones that I know of, I’m sure there are more.

You can upload it to e.g. Dropbox, and share the photo that way.
If all else fails, pm me and I’ll create an FTP account for you on my server.

I’ll send it through dropbox