Question difference RT and OM

Currently I am at the point that RT capabilities exceed my default Canon RAW editor DPP. So that’s good. I’d like it to use RT also for Olympus, so that I have only one RAW converter. And though I like the results, there are some details where Olympus Master is better. In particular I am bothered that the greens are slightly a) oversaturated b) too much luminance in comparison with OM. Therefore OM is slightly more natural to my eyes. Would there be a way to fix this? For example if I darken the greens and slightly desaturate them (in Photos) RT and OM look equally brilliant.


If you know what you want to do just save a partial pp3 profile containing only the modules that change the greens and the luminance. Then use dynamic profiles to apply said profile automatically to those camera models.

If you want help with modules and settings post a play raw with sooc jpeg and raw file. I’m sure someone will come up with decent settings.

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Are you using a dcp profile file for your camera which is selected under the colour management tab. This will give you colours very close to the jpg colours. If there isn’t one already there in RawTherapee you can get them by installing Adobe DNG converter for free then copying the files.
It is explained here:

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Hi, thanks for this! I just downloaded ACR on my Windows couch laptop, and indeed all the cameras are there! Thanks for the tip, I am very curious to try this out!

If you use the dcp colour profile in combination with the auto matched tone curve, you should get a starting point pretty close to the camera jpg, if that’s what you want…