Question on different exposures on the same object

The below FAQ page has some information about how to do this.

But I am not clear on step2 in second link. I am not sure I understand that step. Can someone explain or walk me thru on that? also what does it mean"whole procedure can be done automatically with sirilic after a brief configuration!" how do I do that?

I use the scripts that came with the SIRIL and process it and load that fit file do the stretching in Siril as explained in the tutorials.


I found the project page for Sirilic. I followed the instructions and I am getting “reading sequence failed, file cannot be opened: darks.seq”. I am getting that for dark flats, flats as well. I see the files are there in the work directory. any idea ? is there another place I need to raise this question?

looks like that generated script is looking for darks.seq but it created darks_.seq. How do I fix it?

This should not be a problem. Is the processing stopped?

No it completed fine. Just that it shows these as errors and I wasn’t sure if the stacking done or not.