Question on weighting

Once the images have had weights assigned to the them, where can I see what has been assigned to each image?

Hello, weights are not (yet?) reported in the console.

Are there plans to show them in some future release?

Not scheduled yet.
Our tests show it is very close to 1 in most cases.

Hmm… I had imagined you would get a list of images ranked by weight similar to what you get in a tool like AutoStakkert or similar

We already can do it. Since a long time.

Some examples here: Siril - Manual preprocessing

Yes, I am familiar with that, but didnt understand where the weighting show up in this??

Weighting did not show up because it is not relevant enough.
In the weighting computation we use the noise as an estimator. But in fact, after normalisation, noise tends to be very consistent and this is a minor adujstment.

While ranking image by fwhm or roundness have more sense. However, using fwhm or roundness as weighting factor does not work too because rejection algorithm works well and tends to make images consistent again.

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