Questions, silly and otherwise

Hai der,

I’m using what is known as the “Darkroom Derby Challenge” over at Cameraderie in a pathetic attempt to become more conversation in ART.

I’m using v1.18.1 on a Dell XPS 13 laptop with the latest version of Zorin

Thusfar, I’m moving right along, but of course in the process a number of questions have arisen:

  1. I’ve got the preferences set to save developed images in the folder with the original:

Yet, it doesn’t seem to be doing that:

Any idea as to why?

  1. Second silly question. On a couple of occasions, I’ve gotten down the processing pipeline and found that I’ve made a complete hash of things. Is there a way to:

a. Reset development? or
b. Create a virtual copy?

  1. I know there is a way, but I’m too addled at the moment to figure it out, but how do I turn off the info block in the upper left hand corner of the development window?

Thank all of you for your patience



This setting only relates to External Editor.

This button:


In browser:


Reset to default or clear. If you use dynamic profiles, you should Reset to default.

Lovely thank you!

To Alberto, is there anyway to instantiate a process to make virtual copies? That would be awesome!

That’s a pretty old release of ART – any particular reason not to use one that’s more recent? 1.22 was just released.

You can use snapshots. Not quite the same, but maybe close enough?


Many times a creator will want to have multiple varieties of an image of different purposes. Perhaps an original with only slight mos (crop, straighten, etc) . Then might come a version with a highly stylized edit (lot’s of contrast, saturation, etc), then perhaps a low key version, and absolutely a B&W version.

Virtual copies allows all that and more.

It’s my humble request for the day,

Thanks for a wonderful resource,


LOL. Thanks for the poke. Upgraded…

Well, here’s a reason not to use v1.22, It crashes my Zorin box to desktop when I do this:

The image is from my Elementary OS box still running v1.18.1

The same behavior is present in v1.20, but definitely not in v1.18.1. I’ve regressed to that on the zorin box and it works fine.


You should file a bug.

Easier said than done.

If I go to

and log in, it takes me here (my account page, which doesn’t show below):

No idea of where to go next.

I can say the Windows version of v1.21 doesn’t exhibit this behavoir.

Another +10 for the virtual copies.

Meanwhile, I save arps files as “name-v1” or as “name-bw-v1” or as “name-print-v1”.

Then I have to remember to reload the correct one when I want to re-use or make a change then it becomes -v2.

Ok. This was interesting. Somehow, and I honestly don’t know how, I was able to access the ART archive on bitbucket and file a bug report.