Queue Processing - multiple queues

(Tom Dryden) #1

Hello all,
I am new to RawTherapee, after a month of use I am hooked and won’t go back. Great Product!!!
I am interested in the batch queue processing. My work flow includes variety of differing requirement sets. Is there a way to define different queues with differing specifications?
Keeping a file of different “template” specifications to cut and paste into template field works but is a pain. Being able to select different per-defined queues would be a huge improvement to my work flow.


(Mica) #2

I don’t think that is possible from the GUI, but is certainly scriptable from the Terminal.

(Morgan Hardwood) #3


It’s not currently possible. You could open a feature request for the template box to remember the last 10 used values, for instance.

(Tom Dryden) #4

Thank you all for responding.
What I am looking for is the ability to define queues with not only different destinations but also different processing. I will follow the link and open a feature request.

Best to all