Quick Access Panel [solved]

I have used Darktable for several years for my own photos. I had recently downloaded 4.0.0 from 3.4.1 which I used for several weeks. I wanted to add modules but did not see how. I have no idea what mistake I made, but as if by magic the Quick Access Panel disappeared. I have searched on Darkroom and can not figure out how to get it back. I searched the web and found no help. I reloaded 4.0.0 and the Quick Access Panel is still gone. How do I get the Quick Access Panel back?

Hi @Sandias, and welcome,

Have you checked the manual?
What happens if you click on the far left icon below the histogram?


Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

I have searched the manual and found no way I could retrieve the Quick Access Panel. The entire right panel is gone so there is no histogram or icon.

Thanks for your suggestions.


OK, then we have to dive a trifle deeper into this.

a) Operating system?
b) From where did you obtain darktable?
c) What happens if you (in darkroom) click

ctrl Shift r

MacOS Monterey Version 12.5. The 4.0 Darktable came from their web site. HOWEVER, the ctrl Shift r when in Darkroom solved the problem. I know some shortcuts, but I’ve never used this one. It apparently un-did the mistake I made in Darkroom.

Great help that solved what I struggled with yesterday afternoon. Appreciate you help.


Good you got it solved!

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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Glad your problem is solved. BTW, you can manage presets for the modules and customise it to your heart’s content. There is a checkbox for show quick access panel there.