quick adjust camera strap

I am looking for a camera strap that I can adjust quickly. The only one I found is the Peak Design Slide (Lite), which is rather pricey. Are there any cheaper alternatives?

I do not necessarily need quick release, but it would be nice.

the peak design stuff is usually worth the money.

I usually dont have a full strap on my camera but just the peak design sling around my wrist. I have the full wide strap also but i prefer to have the camera just on my hand.


I haven’t tried either but when I was looking, there was this one from Leofoto:

And the other Chinese brand that seems to have a decent reputation is Ulanzi

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I have the peak design leash and slide, both are worth the price, very nice. The slide is extremely comfortable.

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Both Ulanzi and PGYTech make some that are cheaper and supposedly just as good or better:

No personal experience, mind you.

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Just a warning. I’ve seen a few complaints online of failures on that quick release on the Leofoto (it’s apparently a standardized system invented by the US military for rifles while Leofoto seem to have directly copied the strap design from Really Right Stuff).

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I use straps and plates from SPINN.design and like them a lot. I believe they’ve just finished crowdfunding their next iteration, which is quick-release, and I’m tempted by it.

Not sure “cheap” is necessarily a word I’d use to describe them though.


I’m cheap, so I just converted my neck strap to a wrist strap.
Pic to follow in a bit.

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I too have the Peak Design wrist strap, and can recommend it.

Don’t know whether this applies in your case, but we have been to one or two dodgy places with the camera. I was told that thieves operate in pairs, one to cut the camera strap and another to catch the camera and run or scooter off with it. This obviously doesn’t work if the strap is only around your wrist.

For my big lens (Nikkor 200-500mm) I use a Black Rapid Sport sling, since I find that a neck strap for such a heavy lens is a quick way to neck pain.


The strap looks nice, but for the quick-release I’d get the Falcam F38 shoulder strap kit:

Falcam F38 is a complete QR system, with everything you need, which is actually quick (unlike Arca Swiss) and compact. The standard plate is Arca Swiss compatible, but they also have a dual F38/Peak Design version. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Here’s the backpack strap clip:

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For me blackrapids are the best straps, given that the camera will be hanging “upside down” by mounting the strap on the screw hole. It’s very quick to grab the camera and the ergonomics are unbeatable due to how the hinge works. For lighter lenses I use a peak design sling.

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This isn’t quick release in any way, but it does work quite well for an snug wrist strap.