Quick rating and auto-advance in Linux a la Photo Mechanic

Hi there,

I am searching for Linux photo software (I am using Ubuntu) that lets me view an image full screen or at least enlarged and then lets me quickly rate images with a push of a number key (1-5) then auto-advances to the next image in the folder, just the way that Photo Mechanic does it. I currently use Digikam and have tried Shotwell and like both but neither has an obvious auto-advance function. Is anyone aware of software under Linux that provides auto-advance? I am tired of having to click on the next picture or the arrow button after each rating and would like to speed up my culling process. Thank you so much, Marius


Learn the keyboard shortcut for going to the next photo, and open a feature request in your DAM program’s issue tracker.

This is possible with darktable. Just import all new images with 0 stars and set a filter for only images with 0 stars. Then, go to the first image and apply a rating. This automatically brings you to the next image. By pressing f11, alt-1 and then tab before, you will get a full screen image. Alternatively, you can use z or ctrl-z to have full size previews without or with sharpness indicator, but the navigation becomes less obvious then, at least in some corner cases.


Thank you so much, Chris. I tried darktable and really like it as a Lightroom replacement. However, for the life of me, I cannot make it to auto-advance to the next picture after I applied an image rating. I press e.g. 3 for three stars and the rating is successfully applied but it does not jump to the next image. Any suggestions? Thank you so much, Marius

Did you set the “view” selection to “unstarred only” (about in the middle in this screen shot)?

If I set this, have shown only one image on the screen (pressed alt-1) and then press 1 to 5 on an image, it disappears and the next image is shown.

You have to ensure that all images have a “0 stars” rating before, either set “initial import rating” in the preferences to “0” before you import your images, or select the pictures you want to rate and press “0” to give them “0 stars”, if they are already imported and got another initial rating. Then proceed as described above.

That’s it. I had it on View “all” instead of View “unstarred only”. When I switch to “unstarred only”, it works perfectly. Thank you so much, Chris.

To make things more complete, I wanted to mention that I found a way in Digikam to rate an image and then auto-advance to the next image. First, I clicked under ‘settings’ on "Configure shortcuts’ and assigned the number keys 1-5 to the 1-5 star ratings (without any extra buttons such as ctrl or alt or shift etc.). Then, I make all images visible that have exactly zero stars by clicking on the appropriate filter. I double click on the first image in the series in order to blow it up and rate it. As soon as I have rated it, it automatically switches to the next picture that has a zero rating (as the first one now has a rating and is thus not displayed any more using the aforementioned filter). Marius