Quick way to apply/preview processing profiles


(Florent) #1

Hey everyone,

I just switched from Lightroom to Rawtherapee.
I really like RT so far. However, I find applying/testing processing profiles to be very cumbersome.
Is there a way to quickly apply or see the result of a profile?
I wasn’t able to find a quicker way than doing the following steps:

  1. Click on the drop-down list “Processing profiles”
  2. Navigate to “My profiles”
  3. Navigate to the profile to apply (which might be under several sub-folders)
  4. Click on the profile

Also, is there a way to preview the result in real-time similarly to what Lighroom (or CaptureOne) do?
In other words, is there is a way to simply browse through the profiles and quickly see the result on the image?

Thanks in adavance.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Click the “Processing profiles” combobox to focus it, then use shift + mouse-scrollwheel to go through all your profiles without having to click.

(Stefan Chirila) #3

I do agree a different layout for the presets options would be handy; especially when multiple subfolders are involved. A tiny preview next to each would likely be too demanding for processing but also an idea.


What about a thumbnail preview based on a generic image that is generated when the profile is saved.

(Stefan Chirila) #5

@chaimav hmm

1: when the profile is generated it could have been saved from editing a different picture altogether. Seeing what this profile looks like applied to a city scape image when I’m editing portraits in nature might be confusing.

2: including a small image preview in the pp3 file would imply changing its nature from a plain text file to …well something else (I’m thinking - unless base64).


I was thinking of all profiles using the same generic image that is bundled with RT. Its just a quick way to a feel for what the profile would do. It would appear as a thumbnail next to each profile in a dropdown list. If you don’t think it helps, ignore it or better yet, be able to toggle it off. I admit this would only be useful for drastic differences between profiles, but it is a starting point to see if it is the right ballpark for what you want.

(Stefan Chirila) #7

@chaimav yeah I guess that would work

(Florent) #8

Thanks for your suggestions.
As far as preview goes, I really like Lightroom’s implementation: a small thumbnail view of the current photo. Using a generic thumbnail image doesn’t allow one to see the look of the current photo, thus making it much less useful.
From a performance point of view, applying the settings to a small thumbnail should be much faster than doing it on the full size image. I assume it could be done in real-time (or close enough to it).