Quickest way to add layers to a layer group


A lot of times, I start working on an image, and then I want to add all 8 layers of a text, for example, to a new layer group.

The way I do it now is create a new layer group and move the layers into it one after the other, making sure the order is correct.

Is there a way to somehow select all 8 layers and plop them into the new group? :slight_smile:
Any advice?


Not in GIMP 2.10.xx
In the latest dev version of GIMP 2.99.xx (future GIMP 3) yes you can!

Awesomeness! Thanks!

For Gimp 2.10, there is at least one script that takes linked layers and combines them in a layer group.

see: Layer Group - add or remove multiple layers

It is a right click in the layers dock, bottom of the menu.

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Hi Patrice.
Two of my plugins can perform Yogimeister’s wish for Gimp-2.10.xx
Very extensive:
MrQ Actions RPL.py.

and a small fragment of ARPL just for layer manipulation
MrQ Switches_Layers.py

Unfortunately, the download time is limited to May 1, 2024.

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You can try my ofn-move-copy-layers sript. It moves all the chain-linked layers/groups to a target group. You can even assign it to a shortcut.


Hi Marek, I discovered that I have it, I always wondered what “Actions RPL” did mean, but never got the opportunity to open it :person_facepalming:

Thus I gave it a try and it works like a charm, Now I will use it… extensively :wink:
thank you