Quickly compare two images

(Hervé S.) #1

I am shifting from an OSX machine where I only seldomly used RT for specific features, to an Ubuntu/Mate machine where RT becomes my main process.
II see in the new version 5 there is an ‘inspect’ tab which instantly shows detail at 100%, but something I am missing from my former OSX app is a quick comparison between two images (say, in order to check which one is blurred).
My former OSX app (GraphicConverter) would allow this, by showing two ‘inspect tabs’ side by side whenever I select two images.
Is there a way to reproduce this behavior in RT?
Basically my objective with these quick 100% comparisons is to sort quickly a series of pics…
At this moment I found a shameless way to proceed by… spawning two separate instances of RT in two adjacent workspaces and switching between them, but it is both complex and an overkill…

Thank you for taking care!

(Morgan Hardwood) #2


Side-by-side comparisons of two different images are not yet possible in RawTherapee and nobody is working on that - patches welcome.

Try Geeqie for that - a great and lightweight image viewer. Also, digiKam has a proper Light Table window for that.

Kind regards

(Hervé S.) #3

Thank you Morgan!
Would you know if there is a way for Geeqie to launch RawTherapee for serious jobs then get back to comparing/renaming in Geeqie for instance?

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

You can open raw files using RawTherapee, but then it opens in "no-file-browser mode"

(Ingo Weyrich) #5

If you want to compare 2 raw files in rt without spawning 2 instances of rt you can use METM (Mutltiple Editor Tab Mode).

(Alberto) #6

FYI, this is something I was planning to address, because it bothers me as well. But only after 5.1 is out.

(Hervé S.) #7

Excellent, that’s almost exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: