R6 Mark II - Camera not fully supported

Just upgraded my camera from a Canon 80D to the Canon R6 Mark II. I was super excited until I tried to load the raw files into Darktable and got a warning message “Warning:camera is not fully supported! colors for ‘Canon EOS R6m2’ could be misrepresented, and edits might not be compatible with future versions.” So what does this mean for me? Anyone else? Temporary? Can I somehow help fix this?

It means that the images are opening via LibRaw and it “works”, but not fully supported. imageio_libraw: double check Canon CR3 model support by kmilos · Pull Request #15301 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

I think your options are: 1) convert to dng or 2) use it as it is with the risk of your edits breaking in the future.

Thanks for the good info! I looked at my package manager in Linux Mint and noticed that I have LibRaw version 0.20.2 installed and according to LibRaw.org version 0.21.2 is currently available but they do not list any supported camera updates. Can I update LibRaw independently of Darktable to use the updated version?

Depends on how your darktable was packaged. There is an internal libraw shipped with DT. It can be disabled for the distro version.


I see that the R6 Mark II or the R8 is not on the list. Both have the same sensors.

@TimCoffey sid you figure out what this means.

Does it mean that DT is able to do everything for raw files coming out of R6 mark ii or will not be able to do the edits, lose color or other attributes?

you can make darktable using those raw files by manual editing dt internal configuration files - but then all edits of those raw files might be messed up when libraw adds R6 mII support.

Thank you Martin. Could you please let me know how to do that? I will watch out for the mess up when we get the new version of libraw which will probably be in 10 months or more.