Rapid Photo download - sequence number at the end of a batch upload

Thank you this brilliant piece of software! I was using the former version and now 0.9.13 in Debian buster.
There is one minor issue I found, that was different in the old version (tried to google that, but could not find this point -if this was asked already somewhere, sorry…):

I am using stored sequence numbers - a 6 six-digit number simply counting upwards. Now when I start a batch upload of 8 pictures and the stored number was 1001 it will do the upload renaming perfectly from ‘picture-001001.dng’ to ‘picture-001008.dng’ - exactly like in the former version.

The difference now is that after the batch import the stored number stops at 1008, whereas it used to be 1009 in the old version - being prepared for the next session.

Don’t misunderstand me, this is not a big issue. I just have to increase the stored number after the batch manually by 1 (otherwise the next batch will not start as the last picture would be overwritten). I was just wondering - considering the perfectness of this software and the behavior of the old version - if this is a bug, a feature or a misuse.


Please check if your issue is related to this bug fix:


Yes, this is exactly what I meant!
Thank you for the quick reply and sorry, I did not find it.
I will update to the latest version later.