Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.0a8 is released

(Damon Lynch) #1

For new users, or those running 0.9.0a6 or earlier, download it at the usual place: http://damonlynch.net/rapid/download.html

For users of 0.9.0a7, the option to automatically upgrade to the latest version from within the program should run smoothly. Let me know what you think of the upgrade routine, especially if anything goes wrong!

Changes in this release:

  • Display projected backup storage use in the Backup configuration panel, for
    each backup device (partition). If backing up to the same device as the
    download, the space taken by both the download and the backup is displayed.
    For example, supposing you are downloading 100 photos that use 2,000 MB of
    storage space to /home/user/Pictures, and you are backing them up to
    another folder in the same partition, the projected backup storage use for
    that partition will display 100 photos totalling 4,000 MB, because the
    partition will contain two copies of each photo. Likewise, the projected
    storage use in the download destinations is similarly adjusted.

  • Renamed ‘Storage Space’ in Destination configuration panel to ‘Projected
    Storage Use’, thereby more accurately describing what it displays.

  • Disallow download if there is insufficient space on any of the backup
    devices, like is already done for the download destinations.

  • Added right-click context menu to file system tree views with the option
    to open the file browser at the path that was right-clicked on.

  • Fixed a bug in the subfolder and file renaming editors to the stop the
    message area being scrolled out of view.

  • Fixed a bug where backup worker processes were never stopped until program

  • Fixed a bug where pausing and resuming a download was not updated to match
    changes to threading made in version 0.9.0a7.

  • Updated install script to allow for quirks in LinuxMint and KDE Neon.

  • Updated Spanish, French and Italian translations.

(Gord) #2

The upgrade routine worked perfectly! It would be a nice bonus to have an option to automatically re-launch the program at the end of the upgrade.