Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.13 is released

(Damon Lynch) #1

As per usual, you can download it here. Full list of changes:

- Added support for Sigma X3F file format.

- Added support for installing into a Python virtual environment. See the file
README.rst for installation instructions. Thanks to Matthias Homann for his
code contribution.

- Fix bug #1797479: New version check results in confusing messages on stderr
when pip is not installed. Thanks to Eli Schwartz for the fix.

- Added Deepin to supported Linux distributions.

- Fixed bug #1801504: PyQt5_sip not installed or upgraded for local user when
system copy already installed (bug seen on Fedora 29).

- Import sip regardless of whether it is the private sip bundled with PyQt5
or a separate sip installation.

@anarcat the last change is for Debian. Also, while you’re at it, can you please ensure Debian bug #910259 is looked at? Thanks.


Hi @damonlynch!

Thanks for the release, that looks like good work. I’ve emailed the Debian maintainer, which you can do so yourself as well - his email address is on the Debian package tracker. I also encouraged him (again) to join this forum so you can talk to him directly. I’ve briefly reviewed your patch to the Debian package and it makes sense, although it would have been easier to review if it was broken up in smaller chunks.