Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.19 is released

Download from the usual location. For this release, using the install script instead of the builtin updater is preferred.

Thank you to all those who reported problems in the previous releases, and thank you for your patience while they were being fixed.

All changes since 0.9.18:

  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails would not be able to have their checkmark set on
    or off with the mouse on recent versions of Qt.

  • Significantly improved visual appearance on high DPI screens.

  • Added HEIF / HEIC support. See the Release Notes for details.

  • Added support for CentOS 8 to installer script. Dropped support for Fedora 29
    and older.

  • Added Zorin OS to install.py script.

  • Installer script no longer installs PyQt5 from PyPI on KDE Neon,
    because KDE Neon PyQt5 package is always up-to-date.

  • Added ‘__MACOSX’ and to list of paths to ignore while scanning a device for
    photos and videos, and if the list of ignored paths is customized, add it
    and ‘THMBNL’ to the existing list of ignored paths.

  • No longer look for photos or videos in any directory on a camera or phone
    that contains a ‘.nomedia’ file.

  • Made Timeline and thumbnails render more quickly and accurately on displays
    with fractional scaling.

  • Fixed bug #1861591: install.py should handle cases with no LANG variable set.

  • Fixed bug #1833525: when using the filename and subfolder name preference
    editor, under some desktop styles the example file and subfolder names would
    shrink to the extent they would be truncated.

  • Fixed bug where Rapid Photo Downloader would crash when the Preferences
    dialog window was closed with the escape key.

  • Fixed bug where under some desktop styles the right side panel would always
    be open even if it had been closed when Rapid Photo Downloader last exited.

  • Fixed bug #1842060: Wrong value saved for stored number.

  • Fixed errors in appstream metainfo file.

  • To better conform to appstream metadata requirements, renamed destktop and
    metadata files to net.damonlynch.rapid_photo_downloader.desktop and
    net.damonlynch.rapid_photo_downloader.metainfo.xml. The metainfo file is now
    installed in share/metainfo/, not share/appdata/.

  • Only install symlinks to the program in a bin directory the users’s home
    directory (i.e. ~/bin) if necessary. On recent installations of Debian /
    Ubuntu / LinuxMint etc. with a default profile setup, this is no longer

  • When uninstalling the program that was previously installed with install.py
    script, remove any symlinks to it created in ~/bin.

  • Removed setup.cfg configuration file.

  • Removed notification informing the Timeline or provisional download folders
    was rebuilt.

  • Updated a bunch of translations.


Thank you very much for your work :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I get this error on Pop!_OS 20.04 (Ubuntu based)

$ python3 install.py
Detected Linux distribution Unknown 0.0
These Python3 packages will be upgraded for your user (i.e. not system-wide): pip, wheel
The following command will be run:

/usr/bin/python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade pip wheel --disable-pip-version-check

Requirement already up-to-date: pip in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages (20.0.2)
Requirement already up-to-date: wheel in /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages (0.34.2)
Restarting script using /usr/bin/python3
Downloading https://launchpad.net/rapid/pyqt/0.9.23/+download/rapid-photo-downloader-0.9.23.tar.gz (8.1 MB)
Downloading.... done!
Checking if previous version installed with pip...
This program requires:
Gdk 3.0 from gi.repositry
Please install them using your distribution's standard installation tools.

And the program won’t launch.

Do you have gdk 3.0 installed?

Well, apparently not. I did an apt search but I’m not sure which package is the one I need.

~$ apt search gdk 3.0
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
heif-gdk-pixbuf/focal 1.6.1-1build1 amd64
  ISO/IEC 23008-12:2017 HEIF file format decoder - gdk-pixbuf loader

libcanberra-gtk3-0/focal,now 0.30-7ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
  GTK+ 3.0 helper for playing widget event sounds with libcanberra

libcanberra-gtk3-dev/focal 0.30-7ubuntu1 amd64
  simple interface for playing event sounds (GTK+ 3 development files)

libg3d0/focal 0.0.8-31 amd64
  library for loading and manipulating 3D model files

libgdk3.0-cil/focal 2.99.3-4 amd64
  CLI binding for GDK 3

libgdk3.0-cil-dev/focal 2.99.3-4 amd64
  CLI binding for GDK 3

libgtk3.0-cil-dev/focal 2.99.3-4 amd64
  CLI binding for the GTK+ toolkit 3.0

That almost certainly means Pop!_OS has decided to update its /etc/os-release in a way that differs from previous releases. Which is pretty annoying — but to be honest it doesn’t surprise me. Smaller distros tend to do things like that.

I’ll try to install the beta in virtualbox and put some code in place to workaround the problem.

Well their 20.04 is still in beta, but I’m a bit impatient so I decided to upgrade anyway… Maybe they’ll have this fixed by the time they officially release it…

You should open a bug that they do not remove /etc/os-release… that will break so many other tools as well.

As I suspected, they did in fact change /etc/os-release values. Specifically the ID and ID_LIKE fields. Updating the code shouldn’t take too long. I’ll try to have an updated install.py available for you this afternoon U.S. time.

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Very much appreciated.

So I’m not missing that gdk package?


@zerosapte delete the install.py you have. From a terminal do this:

wget https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dlynch3/rapid/zeromq_pyqt/download/damonlynch%40gmail.com-20200424210454-vzpil0no9elz7aja/install.sh-20160314191008-iy73j6kjbhwpk0t9-1/install.py
python3 install.py

It should work. Let me know if it does not.

@damonlynch That did it. Many thanks.