Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.23 is released

This is purely a bug fix release and therefore all users are encouraged to update. Changes:

  • Fixed bug #1872188: sqlite3.OperationalError when generating thumbnails.

  • Fixed bug #1873057: Add ORI to list of supported image formats.

  • Fixed bug #1873233: RAW and JPG don’t synchronize when using stored number.

  • Fixed bug where HEIF/HEIC thumbnails on a camera were not being generated
    until they were downloaded.

  • When generating video thumbnails for phones and tablets, the entire video
    will now be downloaded and cached. Previously only a portion of the video was
    downloaded, in the hope that this portion could generate the thumbnail, but
    unfortunately it did not always render. This new behavior will slow down
    thumbnail generation, but does ensure the thumbnail will be rendered. If you
    object to this new behavior or know of a better approach, please share your
    thoughts here.