Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.24 is released

Download it from here.

Please note that due to other time commitments, I may have very limited time in the coming two months or so to be able to respond to bug reports and other issues. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

The fixes and updates in this new release are:

  • Added support for Ubuntu Kylin and Pop!_OS 20.04.

  • Provide the option of automatically creating a tar file of program
    configuration file and log files when submitting a bug report.

  • Fixed bug #1875268: Overly long download source name limitlessly expands
    window width.

  • Fixed bug #1876344: Unable to generate thumbnails or download from Fujifilm

  • All message box buttons should now be be translated (or able to be

  • Updated Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian,
    Serbian, Spanish and Turkish translations.

The updated report a problem window looks like this:


@darix do you think this release will make it into openSUSE 15.2?

we can try.

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