Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.25 is released

As always you can download it from its website.

Changes since the last release:

  • When a new Job Code is entered before a download and no files are selected,
    the Job Code is automatically saved. When entering a Job Code, “Remember this
    Choice” is now labelled as “Remember this Job Code”.

  • Fix bug #1889770: Fails to run - Could not load the Qt platform plugin

  • Fix bug #1906272: Exception while displaying tooltip for thumbnail of file
    downloaded from a removed device.

  • Fix bug #1891659: Exception when encountering invalid block device.

  • Fix bug #1881255: Unhandled exception when system file manager entry is
    malformed. The AppImages for RawTherapee and ART can have an unfortunate bug
    in which they wrongly sets themselves to be the path to the desktop’s
    default file manger. Rapid Photo Downloader no longer crashes when trying to
    work with that incorrect setting.

  • Bump up minimum Python version supported to Python 3.5.

  • Don’t install support library libunity on Fedora. Libunity has a serious
    bug on Fedora 33. Libunity provides emblems and progress bars on launchers on
    desktops like KDE and Ubuntu’s flavor of Gnome.

  • Fedora 32 is now the minimum supported version of Fedora. Please note Fedora
    33 is not recommended for now, because of an issue with Python 3.9 and
    Python threads seen when running Rapid Photo Downloader in Fedora 33. In
    contrast to Fedora 33, Ubuntu 21.04 with Python 3.9 works as expected.

  • When installing on Debian using the install.py script, ignore any version
    number information (or lack thereof) in /etc/os-release.

  • When using the install.py script, don’t install PyQt5 and python3-gphoto2
    from PyPi when the Linux distribution’s package is relatively recent. Also:
    don’t default to installing the PyPi Python tools pip, setuptools, and wheel
    using pip when the system packages are relatively recent, and don’t install
    unsupported versions these same packages on Python 3.5.

  • Bump up minimum version of python package easygui to 0.98.1.

  • Bump up minimum version of python-dateutil to allow recent versions of
    arrow to function. When using the install.py script, don’t install
    unsupported versions of arrow or pymediainfo on Python 3.5.

  • When using the install.py script, don’t install the unmaintained python
    package rawkit on systems that do not contain libraw 0.16 or 0.17.

  • Update Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Russian, Serbian, and
    Spanish translations. Add partially translated Albanian translation.