Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.26 is released

This release contains a fix for Fedora users, a vital fix in the in-program upgrade process for users on Python 3.5 (found in older Linux distros), and plenty of updated translators. The About page now groups current translators by language. Download it from the usual location.


Full list of changes:

  • Fix bug #1909252: crash against undefined unity launcher entry. Thanks to
    Guy Delamarter for the patch.

  • Ensure in-program upgrade feature continues to function on systems with
    Python 3.5.

  • Move translators credits into separate button in the About dialog window, and
    associate recent translators with their language.

  • Update Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Norwegian
    Bokmal, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish translations. Thank you to new
    translator Rubens Stuginski Jr for the work done on the Brazilian Portuguese


just curious … is it possible to package it still without that unity library? it was dropped from opensuse

It should be fine! It’s a shame it was dropped. I like the badges and progress indicators it provides in KDE & Gnome. It’s a shame about the package name. People assume it’s relevant only to Unity, which is incorrect.

opensuse package is updated. I synced the package dependencies with your requirements.txt. would pillow 5.0.0 still work with rpd? I am asking because pillow 5.0 support would allow me to enable pillow support on 15.2.

I don’t recall right now why I specified a minimum of pillow 5.2. But in any case for openSUSE it’s irrelevant, because the only part of the code that uses pillow is pyheif, and heif support is unavailable on openSUSE. (At least it was last time I checked). I guess that lack of heif support is something to do with taking a cautious position regarding patents, or something similar? In any case, with respect to pillow on Rapid Photo Downloader, you don’t even need to specify pillow as a dependency, because Rapid Photo Downloader will run without it. It just won’t display thumbnails for heif files.

well we have heif support via packman. just not sure if we have the the python bindings already.
but that means I can downgrade the Requires to a Recommends just as with pyheif. cool!

package is updated accordingly

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