Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.3 is released

(Damon Lynch) #1

As per usual, download it or automatically update from the program itself. Check out the release notes, particularly if you happen to use Fedora 26 or another system with Python 3.6 and you don’t have xterm installed.

Changes compared to 0.9.3b1:

  • When requesting GIO to unmount a camera / phone so it can be accessed by
    libgphoto2, retry several times if it fails. Sometimes a GIO client program
    such as Gnome Files needs a few seconds to relinquish control of the

  • Fixed bug where a crash could occur when removing a camera that was in the
    preliminary stages of being scanned.

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.9.3b1 where photo and video numbers and sizes
    were not displayed in the devices summary in the program’s left-hand pane.

  • Fixed a bug on Fedora where the maximum length for an sqlite3 query could
    be exceeded.

  • When running a user-installed python such as Anaconda or another custom
    python, where possible the install.py script now switches over to using
    the Linux distribution’s system python.

  • Under Python 3.6 or newer, bumped required version of pyzmq up to 16.0.2,
    hopefully avoiding a segfault observed with pyzmq 15.1.0 and ZeroMQ 4.1.5.
    See the Release Notes for more details.

  • Updated Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese,
    Kabyle, Norwegian Nynorsk, Russian, and Spanish translations.