Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.6 released

For those who were not following the beta releases, the main point of this release is synchronized scrolling between the Timeline and the thumbnail display. This feature should make the Timeline more enjoyable to use.

The other notable feature is a workaround for a bug in mediainfo that was noticed by Fedora users, and other bleeding edge distros.

Changes compared to 0.9.6 beta 2:

  • When scrolling is synchronized, and you click on a thumbnail, the top of the Timeline will be scrolled match to match it.

  • Don’t crash when only new files are displayed and the Timeline is scrolled when scrolling is synchronized.

  • Updated Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish translations.

Great release, thanks for sharing!

I have few comments/questions though:

  • Some of my files have (0) at the end of the name, e.g. 20170919_130551(0).jpg. Usually it happens when you have two shots taken within the same second. RPD says " Filename does not have a number component." for such files.

  • Click on the file name in the error report opens the folder but does not point to the file.
    This code works for me to locate files on non KDE desktops:

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    for f in "$@"; do
    dbus-send --session --type=method_call --dest="org.freedesktop.FileManager1" "/org/freedesktop/FileManager1" "org.freedesktop.FileManager1.ShowItems" array:string:"file:"${f}"" string:""

    KDE desktop users can simply use:
    dolphin --select %U
    I am wondering if there is a possibility to add this functionality to RPD

  • I am still missing the option “Move” from previous releases. I know your position on removing the original pictures but I wanted to suggest to add an option to move the downloaded images to a special subdirectory e.g. “Downloaded”

For example:
I am downloading 500 images from an SD card mounted at /mnt/my_sd_card
400 images were successfully downloaded, however there were 100 errors and 20 warnings
All successfully downloaded images were moved to /mnt/my_sd_card/Downloaded
All images with errors and warnings remain in /mnt/my_sd_card

In that case it will be easier to process warnings and errors and make sure I don’t lose any originals

Your camera or phone produces filenames like that? I’ve not seen that before.

Thanks. i updated the code. I must have overlooked that --select option, which AFAIK is unique to KDE.

Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem still remains: something could go wrong copying the files to the “Downloaded” folder, and the original files lost. I won’t add the move functionality until after the Photo and Video consolidation is implemented, which might take a while.