Rapid Photo Downloader news & personal update

Before talking about Rapid Photo Downloader let me share some personal news:

I completed my doctorate in cultural anthropology in August. Yay! :man_student:

Check out this virtual poster for a brief introduction to the research:

Virtual Poster

If you’re really keen to learn more, I made an unlisted 9 minute YouTube video in which I talk about the research using this poster — I’d love to get feedback from all kinds of people about it so I can tell the story of the research better. Contact me if you’re interested.

Now that my doctorate is done, I’m looking for a job. I have permission to work for one year here in the U.S. Let me know if you know of someone that might be interested in hiring someone with my skills! Link to obligatory LinkedIn profile. Right now I’m exploring a short-term offer to do some web development.

In other news, I completely refreshed my personal website recently. The old site was made with basic pre-2010 web development techniques, and it looked awful on mobile. The new site uses Hugo. It looks a lot prettier and should be easier to update in future too.

Regarding Rapid Photo Downloader, I’m in the initial stages of moving development from Launchpad over to GitHub. There is plenty yet to do. For instance, I’m learning Git, which I didn’t have time to do previously. I’ll consult with the program translators, but perhaps we’ll stick with Launchpad’s translation services? Let’s see.

The Rapid Photo Downloader website has been showing its age for some years now. I simply did not have the time to revamp its website before. That’s something I hope I can change in the next 2–6 months.


Hi, regarding web development, could you give me details? Are we speaking about design, CSS, Javascript, typescript, php, ruby,. Net,…?

Congrats & thanks!

Ahh yes, I should have mentioned that a condition of my employment is that it should be related to my graduate training. The web development offers I’m exploring involve academia so that’s highly unlikely to be a problem.

More generally, to meet the visa requirements, any tech related role should be related to my anthropology training. Essentially that means it needs to in some way connect to things like people and processes, design, etc. — anything that relates the technical to the human.

I guess the new RPD website will be hugo too?

Probably, yes. Unless someone has a better approach! I’ve not given it too much thought.

well i know @patdavid and @paperdigits are also using it for most of the sites they are doing nowadays

I had no idea. That’s cool. I’m glad to hear that.

Indeed we are using Hugo a lot. Please let me know if you need help.

We have a bootstrap theme available if you’d like to use that as a basis for your site.

Also congrats on finishing your degree, that is excellent.


Congratulations, Dr Lynch! :champagne::clap:

The sense of freedom and available time is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? (Doing my master’s part-time alongside full-time work, I thought I’d never get there; but when I did, the jubilation was intoxicating).

Once again, congratulations, and I hope you find work in your field. Some of the UN bodies, maybe in NY, maybe in Geneva, perhaps?


Congratulations! Now it’s time to poke your head back out into the real world? :wink:

Glad to hear the news (my wife is just now starting her PhD program as well - I suppose there’s worse things than being a PhD widower…). I’ll keep my eye out for any opportunities for sure.

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