Rapid Photo Downloader no longer runs

The application no longer runs, it throws this error:

qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/raphodo/rapid.py:5843: Warning: cannot register existing type ‘GdkWindow’
/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/raphodo/rapid.py:5843: Warning: g_param_spec_object: assertion ‘g_type_is_a (object_type, G_TYPE_OBJECT)’ failed
/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/raphodo/rapid.py:5843: Warning: validate_pspec_to_install: assertion ‘G_IS_PARAM_SPEC (pspec)’ failed
/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/raphodo/rapid.py:5843: Warning: cannot register existing type ‘GdkScreen’

I’m guessing it’s a dependency issue but haven’t a clue what? I removed the file from the ~/.config/Rapid Photo Downloader directory but it made no difference.

You’ve provided truly no context whatsoever, such as the distro you’re running it on, how you installed it, what version you are running, etc. You have not provided the log files as instructed here: https://damonlynch.net/rapid/documentation/#reportproblem

Without such information, there is nothing I can do to help. The log files contain all this information. I suggest opening a bug report, following the instructions above.

On the other hand if you are running a distro derived from Ubuntu 20.04 and you have installed Rapid Photo Downloader from Ubuntu’s universe repository, upgrade to version 0.9.24: https://damonlynch.net/rapid/download.html

Apologies, I missed that. The upgrade using the script to 0.9.24 (is was 0.9.22, from Ubuntu repo) solved the issue. it’s working again.

Sorry, again!

No worries. But I would like a favor from you, if you don’t mind. I want you to register with Ubuntu launchpad if you’re not already a member, and comment on this bug report:

Specifically what would be helpful is for you to note in that bug report that you ran into the exact problem the bug report addresses, and that upgrading to version 0.9.24 fixed the problem without introducing any other problems.

To be thorough, you can consult the change log and see if any of the other changes made since 0.9.22 affect you in any way: https://launchpad.net/rapid/pyqt/0.9.24/+download/CHANGES.rst

If you are able to confirm that there have been no regressions, that would function as evidence that the Ubuntu universe package should in fact be upgraded to 0.9.24.

I added a note to the bug report.

I saw that, thanks. But the important part is left unstated — that the upgrade did not cause any regressions.

Hum, sorry, I’ll get back to it later and add another note making that explicit, hopefully after others’ notes as well.
RPD deserves a stable version in Ubuntu repo.
EDIT: I’d do it now, but launchpad doesn’t allow editing and I already have two notes in there (to fix a typo)…