Rapid Photo Downloader on Android?


Is it possible to make Rapid Photo Downloader work on Android? How would I start to do that?
I tried to run the official installer but I get this:

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/proc/version'

I mean if it’s only Python it could work couldn’t it?

Thanks in advance


Only if an Android expert puts in the hundreds of hours (or more) to make it work. I am not and will never be that person.

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So I guess it would be easier to write an entirely new program for android. I have seen several python scripts but either they dont put the photos into folders or they don’t like raws. Because actually the task is pretty simple. Unfortunately I can’t code at all.

If the task was simple it would have been written already. Such programs are never simple.

The unmodified program won’t install unless you have root because Android doesn’t allow normal users access to the filesystem and devices (and even then, I’m not sure if the hierarchy is standard). It may install under fakeroot inside Termux (or Andronix) if you manage to find or compile all the Python dependencies, but you won’t have access to devices anyway.

Edit: I’m not an expert, I just happen to have been fighting with this lately to install some scientific software on my tablet