Rapid Photo Downloader stuck at 94-97%

I have downloaded and installed successfully the Rapid Photo Downloader. Very impressive software for its job!

Though I experience both for .nef and .cr2 raw files that they are not displayed properly in the program so there is no way to tell which photos to import visually.

Plus after trying to import the files are imported (and backed upped at the same time automatically) but the process is stuck between 94-97% with 0.0Mbps read from the CF cards. Both for Nikon and Canon.

I use a SanDisk ImageMate All-In-One card reader on linux Tumbleweed backing up automatically on an external disk.

I can upload a log file if possible if directed how to do so. I include here a screen shot from the software stacked process.

Does it work if you connect the camera instead?
I don’t have any issues with my Canon 5D mk II, but I don’t remove the CF card and connect the camera directly.

Edit: There’s an option in the menu to show errors.

Logs are in $HOME/.cache/rapid-photo-downloader/log/
At least on my Arch Linux.

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Found it, attaching.
rapid-photo-downloader.log.tar.gz (88.6 KB)