Rapid Photo Downloader window to large for monitor [Solved]

I’m new to using Rapid Photo Downloader. It is running on an Ubuntu 18.04 derivative, Peppermint 10. The desktop manager is LXDE if I remember correctly. Also if memory serves the window manager is based on XFCE.

I was working in Rapid Photo Downloader and the window suddenly snapped to a size wider than my monitor screen. I have no idea if I did something to cause the problem.

I can change the height of the window and I can change the panels within the window by dragging the dividers but can not get the window to fit the monitor again. The minimize button works but the maximize button only brings me back to the overly wide window. The window menu offers the ability to resize the window but again I can only control the height.

I’ve been exploring the Window manager controls and have found nothing to help there. alt+Shift+F7 brings up the window controls menu which allows me resize only the height. Alt+f8 takes me to the resize from the lower right corner and once again has no effect on the window width.

Other programs seem to be working well and fit the monitor as usual. While it doesn’t rule out a problem with the window manager it is odd that it only effects Rapid Photo Downloader. I’m asking on the Peppermint forum as well to see if it is a Window Manager or desktop issue.

I shut down all the windows and rebooted the computer to see if there was any effect and there is no change.

Any idea why the window size would suddenly change and freeze this way?
How do I regain control? I don’t remember this happening before with any other application windows.

Any suggestions?

It might be the interaction between QT, hi-dpi, and GTK2 (lxde). Do you know if X11/lxde is doing any scaling?

It’s difficult to say without more information.

What version of the program are you using? From a terminal run:
rapid-photo-downloader --detailed-version

What is your screen resolution?

$ rapid-photo-downloader --detailed-version
Rapid Photo Downloader: 0.9.23
Platform: Linux-5.3.0-46-generic-x86_64-with-Peppermint-10-bionic
Memory: 2.77 GB used of 8.31 GB
Confinement: none
Installed using pip: yes
Python: 3.6.9
Python executable: /usr/bin/python3
Qt: 5.14.2
PyQt: 5.14.2
SIP: 5.1.2
ZeroMQ: 4.2.5
Python ZeroMQ: 16.0.2 (cython backend)
gPhoto2: 2.5.16
Python gPhoto2: 2.2.2
ExifTool: 10.80
pymediainfo: 2.2.0
GExiv2: 0.10.08
Gstreamer: 1.14.5
PyGObject: 3.26.1
libraw: 0.18.8-Release
rawkit: 0.6.0
psutil: 5.4.2
Exiv2: 0.25.0
glibc: 2.25
Arrow: 0.10.0
Tornado: 4.5.3
Can read HEIF/HEIC metadata: yes
Pyheif: 0.4
libheif: 1.1.0
Session: x11
Desktop scaling: not set
Desktop scaling detection: undetected
Desktop: LXDE (lxde)
Default file manager: nemo (regular)

Screen Resolution is 1680 X 1050.

Thanks. Can you attach a screenshot illustrating the problem?

Here is one of the entire screen.

It looks like you are downloading from a folder with a name so long it is filling the entire top window (to the left of the download button).

I’ll need to account for situations like that in the next release. It’s the first time I ever came across it. I’ve created a bug report to track it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/rapid/+bug/1875268

Meanwhile if you shorten the folder name from which you are downloading, normal operation should resume.

Thank you! That turned out to be simple enough. I wouldn’t have made the connection on my own.

Part of my project is to find a way to identify the folders without the long, descriptive file names. I rescued thousands of photos from a corrupt drive and Rapid Photo Downloader has been awesome for organizing the photos and sorting them into folders. Now I need to find a way to build a searchable index to name them.

Thank you again,