Rare view, indeed -- We have a winner!

Hi all,

I am presently fully busy re-educating myself in
the noble art of using RawTherapee.

Luckily, I came across a rare image to work with:
a view from inside one of the Lunar landers.


You clearly see the observation port in the cross-hatched, reinforced steel wall of the lander’s tripod, half embedded in moon dust. The setting sun helps illuminate the surface.

Nice one, eh?
Claes in Lund, Sweden

In case you do not believe a word of this:
Oh? What do you think the image shows, then?


Ummm… not really! :laughing:

Maybe a bit of plastic packaging from a chocolate box? No idea what’s in it though…

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The dust collector of my vacuum cleaner looks a lot like this.

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It looks like a blister pack for pills/drugs. A plastic thermoformed with an aluminum foil seal.

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It definitely looks like the blister pack of a product the manufacturer never wants you to handle… :crazy_face:

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My first thought: a dried pig’s head in a plastic bag. But not I guess. Google Photo Search thought it was a diamond. Well, that would be a giant one! But I don’t think so.

What puzzles me is that the metal underground seems to be cut on the upper, left and bottom side of the image, but not on the right side.

Zooming in and turning the image several times clockwise makes me think that there’s some thick paper/carton inside of the “bag”. That’s my last guess.

But to be honest – no idea !! :wink:

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Congratulations, @g-man!

Your guess was absolutely correct :slight_smile:
Here is the lunar lander a bit zoomed out:


The observation port hole in post #1 was taken from the middle of the left row.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Thanks for the reminder that photography is not about tools and algorithms, but about fun. :slight_smile:


I have to confess I had an unfair advantage. Early in my career I supported a production line that made the blister packs. It is a challenging process since you need to have the right temperature and air pressure to melt the plastic and form the blister. You also have to ensure the foil has no wrinkles, the pills to land flat inside the blister and for the two parts to form a proper seal. All of this to ensure no air gets inside to maintain the stability of the product while running 24/7 at +400 parts per minute.

So I spent a lot of time looking at these under a microscope to analyze and investigate issues.


keep taking the tablets…

Fish head in a blister pack.

I knew this, but taking a break from the forum.

Fish liver oil :joy_cat:

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