Raw photos importing black

Hello everyone.
So I’m having an issue when I import my photos to RawTherapee. I use .CR2 raw photos and some, just some pictures get totally black when I import them, it’s really weird cause other photos get in with no problem. It goes like that: the preview is normal, and when I double click the image and it loads comes all black. I have no idea what could be the problem. BTW when I open these pictures on other programs works fine. PS: I’m running the software version 5.9 on Fedora Linux, I really don’t think that the problem is related to this but is some more information.
If someone could help me I would really appreciate. Thank you for your attention.

Is it possible those files are CRAW or SRAW?

Sorry, but I don’t know what are these. I’m shooting the default raw config of my canon camera

Can you post a sample file and corresponding pp3 file

I have today installed RT and have the same issue as the OP except all my RAW files are black. My files are all Olympus RAW format (.orf) which is selected in settings.
Any thoughts?
Thanks, John


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@Arroz_Doce and @JohnPeters : how did you install the software? rpm package, AppImage, FlatPak, self-compiled, pre-built binary (e.g. tar.gz)?

What’s your camera? I don’t think RT 5.9 supports the OM1 or OM5 yet. But it’s coming.


A common issue to both posters is that they did not specify exactly which camera model they are using…

Hello guys, sorry I’ve been busy these days. But here it goes a .pp3 file from a photo that is all black. And I’m going to post a .pp3 file that is working.

all_black.pp3 (13.5 KB)
working_fine.pp3 (16.3 KB)

Mine is the RPM from the official Fedora repo.

I’m using a Canon 700D, or T5I, it depends from the country, but is the same model. Mine one is the 700D.

Does that mean that applying the all_black.pp3 file to any raw from a Canon 700D results in black output?

this happens on my pc when the raw file is corrupt, I think the culprit is my card reader, the files on the card are normally fine, I use rapid photo downloader, I was going to suggest that it verify the files after they are downloaded, it could be an option

I have a OMD-EM5 and my raw files (ORF) are black too.
These same files open in Darktable! should I wait for an update?
Thank you very much for your answers

darktable explicity says if a raw file is corrupt, or says that it can’t be opened

So which camera do you have: an OM-5 made by OM System or an EM-5 made by Olympus? The latter is fully supported by RT while the former not yet.

At least, that is my understanding. (But perhaps one of he development versions of RT does support the OM-5) The orf files from my EM5 MKIII and EN10 MKII work just fine in RT5.9.

Yes. I have an Om system om5… and yes my Orfs from my Olympus em1 work very well. so I will wait…

Is there any news for the integration of ORFs from the OM System? Is an update planned? Thanks for your feedback…
what is surprising is that these files are read in software like Artherapee which is a fork of Rawtherapee!

The OM System OM-1 will have basic support in 5.10. Other OM System raw files may open too. One user has reported success with the OM-5. As always, one can try the development build until the next stable release arrives.