RAW Photosets for Panasonic LUMIX S5IIx

Here’s everything, unedited and labeled

Looking forward for support! Can’t wait to edit in GIMP.

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Can you please upload these to https://raw.pixls.us if there isn’t a set there already?

Sure, give me just a moment

Just to clarify, would you like each individual photo uploaded? They’re all the white frames for the 28 ISOs, with LERN on and off, and one wide open shot for scaling purposes

We try to collect complete sets there, but all white frames are probably not useful.

There are specific instructions on the page.

Alright, I uploaded one of the low ISO photos. I tried uploading some landscape RAWs, but the page stopped working. I’ll take a few more landscape RAWs as specified, if it’ll speed the process up.

I was following the instructions from the rawtherapee site (Adding Support for New Raw Formats - RawPedia)

Is there anything else helpful I can do? I’m willing to help out; this is definitely mutually beneficial, so just let me know

If your camera model can produce more than one type of output please consider uploading the entire set.

The key is to have all possible raw output modes (compression, crop, etc.) in the public database for testing. For example, for the S5 there seems to be 4 possible raw output modes:

From the S5II manual (the same as S5IIx I assume?), it seems there is more than one as well? For example, it mentions 14-bit raw except in burst mode which is then 12-bit. And there is also the high res mode…

One shot per mode is enough - preferably some landscape at low ISO, same scene for all shots.

Oh - welcome, and thanks in advance for the samples!

Alright, I’ve got a little time where I can shoot those today. Would you also like one short per mode in each crop? I saw that mentioned on the upload page, and wondered if it would be helpful.

Thanks for the welcome!

When it comes to Panasonic cameras, it really depends on the model - some actually crop the raw data (read less from the sensor to begin with), some read the full sensor anyway and just crop virtually for the JPEG (seems to be the case w/ more recent cameras). You can do a quick experiment w/ a full 3:2 and e.g. 1:1 crop of the same scene and compare raw file sizes - if they’re almost the same, that means there is no real crop and you can get away w/ shooting all at just 3:2.

Yeah, it’s just a virtual crop of the sensor, you get full data.

It looks like there are four different RAW output modes:

  • Standard RAW without a burst mode
  • RAW in burst
  • 48 MP sensor shift
  • 96 MP sensor shift

I didn’t find anything else in the settings or manual that would suggest another output.

I’ll upload the four samples I have, and try to get more diverse samples as I go.

If you need anything else, feel free to let me know here, or PM me

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Hi @kai.05,

To be clear, there are two places requesting samples. The one @paperdigits linked (the RPU) is for adding basic support and is also used by other projects like darktable. The other one which you linked is specifically for improved support in RawTherapee. As you’ve probably learned, we want different image sets for them.

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That’s totally cool! I’m happy to help both out, I’m a sucker for open source software. I’ve got the camera, so why not help out where I can.

As always, feel free to let me know if you need any more images for datasets.


I have a S1R and can help too with raw if needed.


raw.pixls.us has one image from the S1R. If the camera has other raw modes, you can upload samples of those to raw.pixls.us.

RawTherapee is missing some white level data, so a complete set of white frames is also helpful. Details of how to shoot and provide white frames are on RawPedia.