Raw.pixls.us questions

Recently I stumbled upon my first digital camera, a canon powershot. This made me think if there is already a proper sample on rpu. And there was none. So I did upload a file of both requested variants, but there’s still

Question 1: I uploaded a photograph of a color checker passport from xrite, which is the main subject of the photograph. Is it OK to claim cc0 for it, or shall I use another subject?

Anyway, it may be helpful if the rpu site would show some ideal and bad examples.

Then I thought I’ll check if samples from my other cameras are there, and found a void which I filled. Thinking about my cameras, I have

Question 2: There are some pictures from smartphones already. Are ones from additional phones wanted explicitly or not? If yes, with which settings?

Hm, cameras, guess there is also

Question 3: What about gopro “raws” and other action cameras?

With so many different camera types, I have

Question 4: Would it make sense to have an additional metadatum for the type of camera, one of e.g.: mirrorless interchangeable lens, dslr, compact/bridge, drone, action cam, cell phone, other, don’t know? This may help to filter the list regarding missing samples, or even missing cameras, especially since the exif model name is often not the same as the marketing name.

Yes, color checker should be fine and it’s absolutelly 100% CC0 since YOU made the photo, not the checker :wink: Just gotta make sure it’s well exposed, no black data along the edges etc.

Maybe some of that would be ok, but I do believe that the text excerpt there should be fine.

As for smartphones & action cams - as long as they can produce RAW files natively i think those might be uploaded. However most of those should be DNGs and therefore should “just work” ™ :wink:

That would IMO create unnecessary overhead for RPU maintainers so no, exif data should be enough.