Raw Samples Wanted

Hi @michaelezra, if possible, can you upload them to https://raw.pixls.us. When uploading you agree that you own the flies and are granting a specific license to them.

I’m not sure if we need another sample, as we already have a DNG file from the 645z (but @LebedevRI can answer for sure). Do you have .PEF files for the 645z that you can share? We’re currently missing those.

Are you sure you’re not trying to get color in RawTherapee or Darktable and posted to the wrong thread (seeing as they’re color checker shots)?

@michaelezra for Pentax 645z, please upload both the PEF and DNG, with the same content.
The scene and the camera needs to be as static as possible.

Hey @michaelezra

RawTherapee does not currently ship a DCP for the 645Z. Would you agree to either this, or to CC0? If so, then we could add the target shots to our collection and include a DCP.

I have a Tz110 and I will add the full set.

I have taken the photos with the 4 aspect rations, but note that the raw files are all the same resolution - 5472x3648, it is just the jpegs that are cropped.


Thank you!

Yes, that appears to be true for newer panasonics.

Hello, I contributed raw samples for the Panasonic DMC-CM1 (an Android smartphone/compact camera).

The camera is recognized by Darktable but the most obviously missing data is the lens correction. JPEG files are flat and fine, but raw files viewed outside the application show distortion and vignetting. Adobe DNG Converter does not correct that either.

How do I know you guys have everything you need and my samples are of good quality? (Sorry, not much variety of landscapes in my countryside.) I suspect this model could have the same lens as another Panasonic model, and thus use the same correction values, but I couldn’t find one.

Edit: My bad! Raw files are actually not recognized by Darktable, although the DMC-CM1 is said to have been added in version 1.6.7, according to the changelog.

For lens calibration, you can check here if your lens is supportet: http://wilson.bronger.org/lensfun_coverage.html. There are links on that page that tell what to do if not.

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Hi, I was led here from the darktable home page and wanted to check, if I could/should provide samples from my Panasonic G81. Unfortunately when clicking “a list of known cameras with no samples” the page cannot be loaded. Regards, Zed.

Yeah, i broke it :frowning:
Did an upgrade for certbot, and also did a apt --purge autoremove. Resulting in a broken certbot install, and the certs removed.
And to make it a bit worse, letsencrypt is down for security maintance. I hope i can fix it tomorrow


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I already uploaded CC0-licensed images for Canon EOS Rebel T6i at the default aspect ratio (3:2). I don’t have any options for sRAW or mRAW, so the only file format I provided is RAW. However, looking through the settings, it seems you can set aspect ratios: 3:2,4:3,16:9, and 1:1. However, when it saves the RAW file, it saves in the default 3:2 format, but embeds extra information in the RAW file as to the actual aspect ratio. Should I upload samples with the different aspect ratios (once @andabata has fixed RPU, of course :wink::heart:)?

All is well again on raw.pixls.us


sRAW and mRAW are only available on their midrange and up ranges.

Yay! Thank you for what you do :heart:

Right. My question is whether I should upload different “aspect ratios” which are merely tags recorded in the RAW file (rather than any actual cropping going on).

If it’s only a metadata tag difference, then no.

Cool. I will verify that it is the only difference :slight_smile: (I’ve never actually used the feature, so I was going off of the user manual).

I still wonder about what i actually do :stuck_out_tongue:

The list of things is specified on https://raw.pixls.us/

It says nothing about aspect ratios for canon cameras.
So far it seems the canon was sane and never ever actually cropped the raws themselves.

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