Raw Therapee and multiple hardrive on Linux?

Hello everyone

I wonder how I can make Raw Therapree 5.8 too see multiple hardrive on my Kubuntu, Linux!
I have another SSD with only photo but Raw Therapree does not see it!!

Is there a way or setting in Raw Therapree I can fix this problem!

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

can you see the second ssd in a file manager?


Yes I can if you mean in Linux, Because in Raw Therapee i can only see the main drive no other drivers are visible.

How are you mounting the drivers in Linux? When you open a file manager, what is the path to the drive?

its auto mounting

Can you navigate to that path in the RT file browser?

Unfortunately no

that’s strange. Maybe you mounted the drive as a different user?

Did you click on the drive in your file manager? Sounds like its mounted so that the file manager sees it, but nothing else does.

Can you try and mount the drive from the terminal using the mount command?

well i dont thinks so because there is only one account on this computer.

Is your problem occurring only in RT?

Yes i does, because in Steam i can see other hardrive ink the Photo drive

And if you navigate to that location using the command line in a terminal, can you see the files?

IIRC, I think Dolphin has some functions where instead of mounting storage using the normal filesystem mounting mechanisms, it’ll use KIO to access things that don’t have a kernel-level or FUSE driver (MTP devices fall into this category) - but an SSD should be mounting normally…

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Yes i can see them i teminal.

See: RT -> File Browser -> Folders -> /mnt/80ae89cb-968f-4fc6-9262-0017685bc03f/Photo - exist?

Alternatively, make a symbolic link to the folder “/mnt/80ae89cb-968f-4fc6-9262-0017685bc03f/Photo” in home directory.


The first part does exist, but the sec part i don’t follow (how do i do that)

To create a symbolic link in my home directory I usually do ln -s /path/to/folder ~

Because of the use of a Universally Unique Identifier, this looks like a temporary mounting point which the system links somewhere else that is more human readable. I use Ubuntu but have never seen a disk come on with a UUID.

Maybe one feasible of doing it is by not letting the OS auto-mounting the disk, but instead tell Kubuntu where do you want it to be mounted, that is, as another folder inside your home directory (like in ~/Pictures/Photo).

The most straightforward way I’ve seen with a GUI is using the gnome-disk-utility (or Disks, as it is told in my Linux Mint). There you can easily edit the mount point, while still auto-mounting the disk. That is, it will be mounted as you plug it in, but you will see it in the folder you have set.

I know you are under KDE, but you can install that application, yet.

As always, with that app you can do really bad things on your disks, so you better know what you have to do before even starting :wink:

I see and unfortunately it did not work. RT can’t see the new symbolic link folder.
But i if i create i real folder RT can see it but not the link folder

Do you see the symbolic link in your home directory?

If not, try creating a symbolic link like this: ln -s /mnt/80ae89cb-968f-4fc6-9262-0017685bc03f/Photo /home/your_username/Photo.