Raw therapee images less sharp than in lightroom

I’m new to RawTherapee. Before I used Lightroom. Now, if I compare the same image in Raw Therapee and Lightroom, the image in Lightroom looks much sharper. I first thought this was just the preview. But when I export both images as tiff, I see the same difference. Does anybody know what’s wrong?

RT has quite a few sharpening options, Capture Sharpening being very effective to bring out the smallest details, and Contrast by Detail Levels being the other main sharpening tool, I think. The second link provides a comparison of the various tools in RT.

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I use Lightroom at work and Rawtherapee does a much better job at sharpening, you get considerably more detail without artifacts and haloing straight out of the box.

Lightroom may use more local contrast or “clarity” which makes the image look sharper without actually having more detail. This look can be created in RT as well, have a look at the wavelet too in the advanced tab.

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There may be nothing wrong.

If you open a raw file in LR, Adobe Camera Raw applies sharpening in it’s default settings whereas RT does not.


Hi Maud. Welcome to the forum. The answer to your question is the person sitting at the keyboard. Lightroom is a very easy to use program that applies a lot of editing steps as soon as it opens the RAW file and that includes sharpening. With RT it is up to you to apply the the level of sharpening you desire. You probably just need a little bit more experience with the sharpening options in RT and in no time you will be achieving sharpening every bit as good or better than Lightroom’s sharpening. Follow the links given by @kofa and you will be well on your way to mastering the sharpening in RT. Good luck.

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I want all of you to thank for the feedback. No it becomes clearer to me how RT works!

Forum member @zerosapte has recently published this tutorial for absolute beginners:

And @Andy_Astbury1 has published countless videos about RT:



Thank you very much! Now I can start to study :slightly_smiling_face:

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