Raw Therapee output profile causing problems in gimp.

Hi all

I have recently decided to use a totally open source workflow for photography and settled on raw therapee and gimp as my to main editors of choice, my problem is that when i try and open an image using any of the RTv4 output profiles with gimp then nothing works won’t zoom at all or very slowly and barely any of the tools work, now if I convert it to gimp’s in built colour profile everything works normally.

Not really a big issue but I am wondering what could cause this any insight would be greatly appreciated.

What operating system and what versions of the software?

Im using Fedora 32 with gimp 2.10-18 and raw therapee 5.8

Not a GIMP user, but I would imagine GIMP is not running with the same profile you are outputting with so perhaps you have a profile mismatch that GIMP is trying to correct.

That’s only a guess mind you, as I’m a Photoshop user.

I load raw therapee 5.8 with industry standard sRGB and ProPhoto profiles from here
then set ProPhoto as my output profile as well as my default working space in Photoshop - works perfectly.
But maybe GIMPs CM is different - though I would still download and copy those profiles to your RT profiles folder and use the one which best suits your workflow.


Thanks Andy I will give it a go, not really a problem at the moment as I am new to open source photography editing and when I do select convert rather than keep when I try and open it with gimp everything works fine, just part of the learning curve but I will give those profiles a go and see if the same happens with them.

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