Raw Therapee won't open my CR3 files

I downloaded RawTherapee yesterday as I’d like to sort my files with it to gain time, because the windows viewer is really not good at it.
It works fine with my old .CR2 files. But for the ones in .CR3, coming from my new EOS R5, RawTherapee won’t show them.
And I can’t figure out why, as Raw Therapee is supposed to work with those.

Thank you for your help.

Which one? The ones shown on the front page (RawTherapee) are old and shouldn’t be used.

You can download a recent development version, that includes bug fixes, new tools and updated camera support right here:

Raw Therapee 5.8, the one shown on the main page.

I tried the one you linked me here but it still doesn’t work, my old formats are shown but still not the new .CR3

Are cr3 files enabled in preferences?

I just verified and yes it is :confused:

Can you please provide a cr3 file which does not show in rt file browser?

Any CR3 won’t show in my RT

UDBV4375.CR3 (24.7 MB)

confirmed, the file doesnt show up in dev 3068 under Windows.

Interesting. This canon eos R5 RAW does not show up. I do have 2 other RAWs from the same type and one shows OK and one is red:

It looks like I’m on version 5.8-3073

Do you think it’s a problem still not cleared by devs and I’ll just have to wait?

@heckflosse might have a good answer to that one (He’s one of the devs).

Just tried to open it in darktable and that works.

BTW: Nice dog.

Wait what’s the link between Darktable and Raw Therapee?
I don’t have Darktable


darktable is another open source RAW editor. I included that info for Ingo, might or might not be relevant info for him.

Ok thanks !
Yeah, because I will use Raw Therapee only to sort my Raw files before editing in Photoshop so that’s not something I’ll use x)

What type of raw is it? Compressed RAW, or something?

RawTherapee might be overkill for this task.

Yeah it’s in C-RAW, the compressed one

Compressed raw processing was not supported yet when we incorporated the CR3 file format that LibRaw developed. This should be possible now, and it is likely that the relevant code can be ported to RawTherapee too. I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks you’re the best!

@UlysseDbv I just created a pull request on GitHub to make this work. It will need some quality control, but after that, RT should support your files. https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/pull/6434