RawPedia Tutorials - Local Adjustments - Common Color Mask

In regards to the worked example of the Common Color Mask in RawPedia (s. 2.2.4), I’m a little baffled by the third screenshot shown in that example, i.e., the Chrominance curve. The spot being used as a reference lies on a very colourful part of the image, yet the curve shows the gray area extending only one third of the way across the x-axis. When I place the spot at the same location, the gray area extends about 7/8 across the x-axis. Is this a ‘typo’ of some kind? Thanks.

RT Version: 5.9-463-g1e7cedf3c


Creating documentation is complex, especially for updates.

You will notice that the screen captures are not the same, the software has been updated and the documentation does not follow all the changes.

Plus you’re probably right, the screenshot I took is probably not the right one.
But, must we change, considerable work…?

But isn’t the main thing that you tried it and noticed it :wink:

I updated 4 images, quite a lot of work… It’s more compliant, but has other disadvantages (consistency with the wording, the other images… and the rest of the tutorial).
This shows that updating documentation is complex

Thank you


Thank you, Jacques, for the updates and explanation. I appreciate that documentation is not straight-forward, as I have experience of my own with that in an unrelated field. I agree with you that it is/was important to try this tutorial, and I did not want to come across as demanding changes. My primary interest is to understand the tool’s artistic pros and cons in comparison to other LA tools.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone out there with views on these pros and cons, I’m sure the group could only benefit from a discussion on them. Thanks.