RawTheapee and Nikon COOLPIX B700

I bought a Nikon COOLPIX B700.

I made photos in RAW format but when I open them with RawTherapee 5.4 it finds it wrong to display (screenshot below)


can you help me fix the problem?

thank you

ps: text translated by Google Translate

Could you post raw and pp3 file so we can try to find where does the problem come from ?

Seems RT has to be updated to lastest dcraw code. That fixes the issue.

here is the zip file that contains the RAW file and PP3 as ask

file-raw-pp3.zip (29.4 MB)

I just created dcraw928-update branch

Now your nrw looks better:

Great job. How can I install or use this update?

I am under windows10.

@Baptiste-PLP this will be part of RawTherapee-5.5. Until it’s released, you can use a development build:
Download RawTherapee development builds
It might take a few days before a new one appears which will include this improvement.

thanks Morgan_Hardwood

I just installed the version. it works.

thanks a lot for helping bring :slight_smile:

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Not to forget a big thanks to @gaaned92 for making a windows build of the dcraw928 branch so quickly :+1:

the greatest thanks to @ ganned92 for allowing the quick correction of my problem and to the person who took part

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