RawTherapee 5.4 strips Metadata like GPS, IPTC

Thanks for the clarification.

But I was just asking something. And yes I know, it’s a ‘free’ software product. I’m not a programmer, but I can contribute to this kind of projects by inputting things like bugs, enhancements, etc.
In fact, I was even asked to input those things. Like RAW files for WB adjustments for a Nikon D800E, and in this case, some metadata issues with RAW → TIFF processing.

If you perceived my comments as an ‘annoyed customer’; sorry for that, but it wasn’t/isn’t.
Because I’m not a s/w guy I can only contribute by sharing experiences during my quest of RAW file processing…:wink:
And yes, a step like manual adding GPS/IPTC metadata with another free tool like ExifTool (+ GUI) is also possible. But adds another imho unnecessary hurdle.
So a piece of software, like RT, which incorporates this, or in my opinion should not omit it, would benefit from this kind of features.
And although not crucial; all small enhancements contribute to overall user satisfaction.

But, maybe I’m wrong…:thinking: I don’t hope even this reply would be considered ‘aggressive’?

You put a smile on my face! Thanks.
Even with paid software (like Adobe products I pay for each month), they don’t solve many bug reports…

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We are all good! Thanks for the clarification. No hard feelings on this side.
You are in fact not wrong. Just be patient and someone will take care of it… eventually. Maybe I overreacted, sometimes it happens… then you sleep over it and things get back to normal :slight_smile:

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Sorry to butt in, but…

  1. I have been using RT for almost a year
  2. For the last month, I’ve been using RT5.4-dev, aka 5.5 and it’s even better.
  3. Originally I was a Lightroom user
  4. Then I switched to Darktable
  5. and now to Rawtherapee

I’m getting better images with RT (yes I miss a good DAM, so I’m using Digikam). Now an integrated Digikam/Rawtherapee would be even more fantastic!

But meanwhile. Thanks, THANKS, THANKS to all the people doing the hard work, including the rawpedia documentation.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year


Syv (a very happy and grateful user)


For anyone looking to bulk transfer all GPS data from RAW to JPG using exiftool on Linux until this gets fixed:

ls *.RW2 | sed ‘s/.RW2//’ | xargs -I {} exiftool −overwrite_original_in_place -r -tagsFromFile {}.RW2 -gps:all converted/{}.jpg

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