RawTherapee 5.4 strips Metadata like GPS, IPTC

I’m using the latest RT 5.4 ( Version: 5.4 Branch: 5.4 Commit: a5e8eb9c8 Commit date: 2018-03-20), but experienced some issues that original metadata from a RAW (.NEF) file is NOT being saved in the output file.

E.g. I open a .NEF file, do some adjustments with RT in the Edit Window, click on ‘Save’ ([Ctrl S]), Choose ‘TIFF (16bit)’ as output format, ‘Save immediately’, and the file is saved.
Although essential camera metadata, lensdata, timestamp are saved, GPS and IPTC (partial) is NOT copied into the output file! :disappointed:
Also things like CopyrightFlag=True are changed into ‘unknown’.

Yes, I’ve checked the settings @ ‘Metadata copy mode’ = ‘Copy unchanged’; so I expect all the metadata to be written into the output file. Correct?

Sample raw file please.

DSC_2124.NEF (37.9 MB)

Confirmed that the IPTC and GPS info is missing from TIFF files (both compressed and uncompressed), but it’s there in JPG and PNG files. GPS and IPTC missing from TIFF files · Issue #4464 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Ok, so it’s now on the bug list. :smile:

Just a simple question: is this issue going to be fixed any time soon, or do I have to wait for another 5.5 release?
Although I like the capabilities of RT 5.4 (as compared to Nikon’s ViewNX-i where in some cases noise reduction works better with RT), the presence of all metadata in my output files (TIFF) is essential in my personal workflow.
And coping & pasting the missing metadata every time by hand is very cumbersome. :worried:

Thank you!
ps: keep up the good work with RT!

if you are in a rush you can download a nightly build as soon as this gets fixed.

Ok, thanks. But :confused: how/where/when can I check if this issue is fixed?

In the github bug report, right below the title there is a green label that says Open. Once this label is red and says Closed the bug is fixed.

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Just asking…

The status of this bug is still ‘Open’. And I can see it’s set for Milestone V5.5.
So I still have to wait until, some day, RT 5.5 is released?

Or (I hope!) is there already a development build where this bug is corrected?
E.g. implemented in the LocalLab version. (?)

Because I’m eager to use RT, but especially this bug is a big no-go for me.

until this is fixed you might want to use EXIFtool and copy the tags that are missing.


I see RT 5.5 is near. I can’t wait… :smiley:
But as regarding to the issue of not copying GPS and other IPTC metadata into the output file; is this issue now solved?
As in: does RT 5.5 commits all original metadata from a RAW file into an output file?
I’ve checked this:

and it’s status is still “Open”. :question:

So you know the answer.

But seriously; will it be fixed in the RT 5.5 release?

It’s destined for 5.6 ATM. See here:


Hmmm. Too bad. :cry:
I find this rather essential. It’s a pity, I think no RT 5.5 for me then.

@programmers: is this so difficult and/or cumbersome to implement? Just curious…


I think you might have misunderstood the nature of the project and/or its goals.

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I’m not a programmer, so I don’t know if it is difficult or cumbersome, but I can guarantee you fixing it is boring :wink:

I was just asking a question. Why so defensive?
Ok, so please enlighten me; what is the nature/goals of RT then, that is apparently forbidden to ask why metadata of a RAW file which is being converted, is partly stripped from its original parameters?

I’ve read " RawTherapee is a powerful, cross-platform program for developing digital photos in raw formats" and think it has already evolved into a powerful piece of software.
But… with still some bugs. (like this one). And I have reported this about 8 months ago.

Not defensive, just a little oblique. Basically, people do things on their free time. It isn’t good to nag. It will get looked at when it gets looked at. It is already an issue on Github with comments and a milestone. What more can you ask? Be patient.



if my answer sounds defensive, that might be because your post was quite aggressive, and maybe you didn’t realize that.
you are certainly free to ask questions. in fact, you did ask, and got an answer. twice. but apparently you didn’t like it, so you asked again with the tone of an annoyed customer (“deal breaker”, “no 5.5 for me” etc). so, I was reminding you that we have no customer, that we signed no deal, and that we will still sleep tonight even if 5.5 is not for you.
as @afre wrote, we are doing this in our free time,
mostly for fun. we try to take care of issues, and we appreciate users’ feedback, but there is no guarantee that things will be done.
or better: one key advantage of free software is that you can do something about it. if the issue is so critical for you that waiting is not an option, you can hire someone to do the work, for example. you don’t even have to contribute the code back, if you keep it for yourself.

so, I hope this clarifies my point. and one more thing:

again, thanks a lot for the report, but this also sounds like “annoyed customer”, just FYI.