Rawtherapee 5.6 and Nikon D7500

The filebrowser doesn’t display raw photos taken from D7500, do you know how to fix this?

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Already got that box ticked, but thanks anyway

You’ll need to provide more information in order to get your problem solved.

What information do you need?

You have to double click the folder in the file browser to see its content.

I’ve done that but it still doesn’t work, thank you

In viewnx2 all of the images are displayed

but in rawtherapee only the jpg images are displayed image

Can you please post a full screenshot showing not only a part of the rt window?

Deactivate this button and/or move the file extension .nef to the top in the preferences.

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As I found some links related to Nikon D7500 nef files transfered using Nikon Transfer making problems, I would like to get such a file (transfered using nikon transfer). Can you upload one to filebin.net and post the link here please?

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I can’t seem to be able to move the filetypes in preferences, parsed extensions

Ignore that, managed to move it but I still have the same problem

Ok, I can confirm that your nef does not show in rt file browser. Can you please test, if a nef from your camera, transfered without using Nikon Transfer shows in rt file browser?

See also

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Ah yes, thank you. If I don’t use nikon transfer the files are ok… Thank you very much

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That clearly shows, why the full screenshot was needed to get the issue. Without the screenshot, noone would have thought about Nikon Transfer :wink: