RawTherapee 5.6 released

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

It brings us unquantifiable pleasure to release RawTherapee 5.6.

See the release announcement for details:

(Pat Cunn) #2

Thank you devs!

(Peter Lavender) #3

Well done and congrats to the RT team on all the hard work.

RT remains my work horse for all raw processing.

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(Gérard ) #4

Superbe merci pour le travail

(Ilya.Var) #5

Thanks a lot for this very useful tool !

(Luca) #6

All the text in the new 5.6 looks like a rainbow. How can I see it normally?
Win 7 64bit

RT5.5 looks fine.

BTW, I see that Canon 300D CRWs are still not recognized.


I’ve just finished processing the photographs of today’s photo walk with RawTherapee 5.6 and I love it! Many thanks for the new version, you have brought us users unquantifiable pleasure as well!


Change font to e.g. Arial size 9pt.

(Luca) #9

Arial Normal 9 or 10 is still rainbowish.
Verdana, no matter 10 or 9, is still rainbowish but slightly less annoying.

Where does this issue come from?
Text around thumbnails seems OK.


Check or setup windows Cleartype.

(Luca) #11

I don’t want that shit. Already had bad experience when chrome forced to use that.
I want to see sharp pixels, not antialiased ones.

BTW, I found a font, named MS PGothic Normal, that works perfectly.
So, happy.

Thanks for your support. More thanks if 5.7 move back to the 5.5 visualization. :wink:


This is not a RT issue. It’s been handeld by GTK+ and your system settings. The RT developers can’t fix this.

btw: It works fine on Windows 10. grafik

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(Luca) #13

The question is why 5.5 is showing fine text while 5.6 does not?


Different GTK+ version.

(Luca) #15

Ouch :neutral_face:
So, I’ll probably have the same issue when I’ll move to gimp 2.10.10…


Could be, you can test different theme. If the Contrast between font- and background color is less the font will look better.

Even if you hate cleartype, it’s active on your system, so you have to set it up, if you want or not.


Text looks fine for me on Win7 64bit.

(Peter) #18

Everything good here on Win 7 64bit.

(Luca) #19

I can’t change the theme to a lighter one because it is not a matter of taste. It’s fundamental to develop right images. All “dark” themes work the same way.
The MS PGothic Normal I mentioned before looks really nice but does not have all characters needed by RT.
I found an acceptable font in Zurich BT, even I would prefer a Normal one.

When this issue came out about a Vivaldi browser (chrome based) update, only few users were annoyed like me. The most of users were suprised that somoene could not use antialiasing.
I can only say that blurry fonts make my eyes crying.
So, I stayed with an old version for almost one year. Now I have an updated version and the issue disappeared.
I hope it could be the same for GTK.
At this time, alternative font could work fine as a workaround.

Thank you for support.

(Morgan Hardwood) #20

@bluc that’s looks like an issue with sub-pixel rendering. See your operating system’s font settings panel for sub-pixel rendering. It can lead to rainbows when misconfigured.