RawTherapee 5.8 and SOME Sony A9 RAWs


I did some (re)search in this forum but I cannot find any reference to the following topic. Since I am new here, I ask first for confirmation and if my findings are correct, I will submit the necessary files or I will do any other needed action. If the problem is already known, please inform me.

I have:

Version: 5.8
Branch: releases
Commit: 9a9e0acbf
Commit date: 2020-02-04
Compiler: x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc\ 8.2.0
Processor: generic x86
System: Windows
Bit depth: 64 bits
Gtkmm: V3.24.2
Lensfun: V0.3.2.0
Build type: Release
Build flags: -mwin32\ -m64\ -mthreads\ -msse2\ -std=c++11\ -mtune=generic\ -Werror=unused-label\ -Werror=delete-incomplete\ -Wall\ -Wuninitialized\ -Wcast-qual\ -Wno-deprecated-declarations\ -Wno-unused-result\ -fopenmp\ -Werror=unknown-pragmas\ -Wno-aggressive-loop-optimizations\ -DNDEBUG\ -O3\ -ftree-vectorize
Link flags: -m64\ -mthreads\ -static-libgcc\ -mtune=generic\ -s\ -O3
OpenMP support: ON
MMAP support: ON

…on Windows 10 Pro (sub)version 21H1

With the above system, some ARW files - that is SOME Raw files produced by Sony A9 - are seen and correctly processed by RT 5.8 (either alone, either if RT works as a plugin of GIMP) while others cause RT 5.8 to crash. No error message, just freezing. After a while, the OS realizes this and shows a „(not responding)” message in the title bar and tries to send the error to Microsoft.

Same happens if I try to open the same ARW files via the latest GIMP which invokes the RawTherapee through a plugin.

I can provide the necessary ARW files, if necessary.

Note that the latest ART v1.9.1 opens these files.

Is this known?

TIA for your support,

Hi @p_Theologos, thanks for the report.

Yes, please do. Preferably a file that you can (consistenly) open, and a file that hangs RT.

I tried to post it on raw.pixls.us

but it didn’t work for whatever reason (yes, I checked the checkboxes).

Here is the file on WeTransfer:

I am at your disposition with anything else you might require.

This file opens fine for me in both the 5.8 Release version and the current development version. So, something else may be going on that leads to your crashes.

Regardless, I can definitely advise you to try out a recent build of the development version of RawTherapee. Hopefully you will experience a more stable situation. Release Automated Builds · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub Download a _dev version and just unpack it somewhere reasonable.

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Works in dev:
Version: 5.8-2983-g3f58095b6
Branch: dev
Commit: 3f58095b6
Commit date: 2021-06-04