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(Pat David) #2

On one hand, I love that the news is showing up in more mainstream(ish) places.

On the other hand, that website was so full of ads I could barely read any content. I think it gave me internet cancer.


Offtopic, but have you tried the browser add-on uBlock Origin? I highly recommend it.

(Pat David) #4

Yes, of course I have. I’m in mobile right now, and in Mobile Safari this is awful:

That didn’t even catch the giant pop-over that obscured the entire page until I clicked to dismiss it. :frowning:

Makes me love our patrons and supporters even more! :smiley:

(Mica) #5

In mobile Firefox with ublock origin, I see zero ads :wink:


(lux) #7

Petapixel too…


(Pat David) #8

Glad to see it making the rounds! I’m even more embarrassed now that I haven’t had time to write a proper blogpost about it here on pixls (it’s inexcusable :frowning: ).

(Mica) #9

No so much, seeing how those posts are pretty much copy pasta of the release notes :slight_smile:

(Ingo Weyrich) #10

@patdavid Let us take this comment as a reason to make a new try to write about pixel-shift in rt (sorry, but it went under my radar last weeks) :

Pentaxians can also profit from a state-of-the-art, development version which supports motion-correction pixel-shift technology (better than other raw converters).


(Pat David) #11

Yes, yes, and yes. :slight_smile: I’ll start something soon and will have some questions.

(dngimage) #12

(Mica) #13

Linked here: Rawtherapee appears in the Photography Blog


(Stefan Chirila) #14

HAHAHAHA that quote is write-down worthy. In fact I shall write it down now!

(Ingo Weyrich) #15

Ok, great, just ping me when you have questions :slight_smile: