RawTherapee // ART

I’m re-launching a discussion thread between these two programs, one of which is a fork of the other.
Artherapy opens my OM-System OM5 files, while Rawtharapy does not.
Artherapy runs under Linux LUBUNTU
Rawtherapy runs on Mac-OS Big-Sur
Looking at the included DCP files, it’s the same list in both cases. Could you give me a hint so that I can work with Mac-OS?

It’s not Artherapy, but simply ART.
Not Rawtherapy but RawTherapee. RT runs on Windows and Linux, not only on Mac. I’m not sure about the OS support of ART, but I’m pretty sure it runs at least on Windows, in addition to Linux.
And neither have anything to do with darktable, so I’ve moved this from the category Software|darktable to Software (and changed the title to include RawTherapee and ART instead of “Rawtherapy” and “Artherapy”).


I’m not sure I understood the question properly, but just in case: ART originates from rawtherapee, but is now an independent project. Of course many things look (and are) similar, but there is no explicit goal of keeping them in sync. They just evolve independently.
In case of doubt about which one to use, with all else being equal, rawtherapee is significantly more popular, so I would go for that.



Indeed ART is a younger project compared to RT, and has a smaller user base. Because of this, ART seems to lack users with a deep knowledge of software development on MacOS, and as far as I know there’s no distributable ART package for MacOS. Alberto doesn’t own an Apple computer IIRC.

Though I can confirm that ART does work on MacOS, I’m able to compile and run it on my mac mini M1 on MacOS Ventura. I’ve tried producing a distributable package, but I failed because I don’t understand how it works. Unfortunately one cannot simply use the RawTherapee bundle script and use it as is for ART.

So, both RT and ART are able to run on the 3 main operating systems (Linux, MacOS and Windows).

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RT is still under development as far as the ability to open recent raw formats compared to ART but give the release-5.10 of RT branch a try with your format as it is more up to date.

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